How to Cut Calories With Cupcakes, Chips, and Peppers

hot peppers
Flickr photo by namestartswithj89
Snacking in between meals can actually help you lose weight. This is what I'm telling myself as I'm polishing off this jumbo bag of chocolate-covered pretzels. The folks at Yahoo! Health infiltrated the grocery store and compiled a list of 10 store-bought snacks that are healthy for you, including ice cream and potato chips. Unfortunately my choco-pretzels didn't make the list :( 

You know how you sweat when you eat peppers? Well, that heat is a good thing: Hot peppers burn extra calories. It's a modest burn -- only about 100 a day for a 100-pound woman, but hey, that's about seven of those chocolate-covered pretzels. -- WebMD

Speaking of cupcakes ... I mean calories. Well, they're the same thing, are they not? Discover the secret to baking healthier cupcakes and get a recipe for raspberry swirl. -- Yahoo! Shine

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