73-Year-Old Woman With a 20-Year-Old Body


If you still doubt that exercise keeps you young, just look at Ernestine Shepherd, a 73-year-old bodybuilder from Baltimore, Maryland. I swear, that's a 24-inch waist and there's not an ounce of fat or sag anywhere on her.

And it's not just her six-pack abs, her perfectly sculpted back, or her powerhouse arms and legs, but her perfect skin, posture, and energy.

She wasn't always this way. She started working out at age 60. Now she runs 80 miles a week, bench-presses 150 pounds, does bicep curls with 20-pound dumbbells, and eats 1,700 calories a day of mostly vegetables and lean protein.

If this isn't inspiration to stay fit, I don't know what is.

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kelli... kelli0585

Holy cow!  I have NO excuse!  80 miles a day?!?!

kelli... kelli0585

oops. . . "80 miles a week?!?!"

dabab... dababimama

she is beautiful and i always heard that weight lifting keeps you young. i should give it a try!

Renee Starms

I have never heard that weight lifting helps keep you younger but now I'm sold. I am putting my regime together starting NOW!

Rachel Arnold

I wish my 20-year-old body looked that good. haha

Albano Elle

WAAAAaaa! She's in better shape than I am! Her skin is young and taut! She looks fantastic.

Brian Rosenberg

I am a 39 year old man? With a 73 year olds body??? AWWWW!!!! CRAAAAP!!!!

nonmember avatar Nena

Wow! She is gorgeous. I love the warmth that she shows to others. I hope I can be like her when I'm her age.

Angel... Angelic-Renewal

The looks so amazing wow, I am 24 and not even close to being an "in shape" as she is...I need to start excercising LOL

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