House Buying and Dreams in Hebrew: Sleep Secrets

Photo from Melissa Ford
Sleep -- we all do it, but talk about something personal! From side sleepers to wrapped in the covers on their tummy sleepers, we all do it differently.

We're delving into dreamland with moms' sleep secrets here on the The Stir, and today we're talking to Melissa Ford, aka Lollipop Goldstein, who blogs at the side-splitting Stirrup Queens, Dispatches From the Land of If, Cities in Between and Points Beyond

You might have read her book, Navigating the Land of If. If you haven't, take it to bed with you.


What are your best getting to sleep tips?

I'm a terrible person to give sleep tips because I'm a terrible sleeper. I don't go to bed until too late, and then I'm awake for hours stressing about the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep. And then I never wake up on time. 

So, my best tip is to not be like me. And to not stay up worrying about the fact that you're not asleep yet. Spend that insomnia writing movie scripts in your head or remembering your favorite vacations or replaying happy conversations. Sleep usually comes when you're not looking for it.

Who's sleeping with you?

My husband, Josh. And that's it. Kids are only allowed in our bed during power outages or huge storms. 

What's the strangest thing your partner/spouse has reported you doing during sleep?

I'm not the one who does strange things in my sleep. My husband talks in his sleep -- sometimes in English and sometimes in Hebrew. So I spend a lot of time trying to decipher the mumbling. 

Who steals the covers?

He claims it's me, but I swear that it's him. We have a feather comforter, and he seems to always have all the feathers and I have the empty casing.

How do you wake up in the morning, and how long does it take you to get out of bed? What's the first thing you do?

It takes me a long time to wake up. Two or three tries with the alarm. I usually wake up and check email and read blogs if I have time before Josh goes to work and the twins wake up. Then it's coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

Do you dream? Care to share one?

I remember my dreams almost every night. I've been having dreams about house-buying lately, even though we're not buying a new house. I keep dreaming that we're walking through a new home, and usually these dreams turn into nightmares when the homes are filled with crickets! Crickets even haunt me in my sleep.


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