Let's End the Chocolate Depression Jokes

Flickr photo by Darwin Bell
The jokes were almost immediate.

Ha ha, you're eating Chocolate Cheerios, you must be depressed!

Can't put down that chocolate bar? Let's get you some Prozac.

It's no wonder depression is one of those diseases people still think they can "tough out." It's not a disease. It's a punchline.



And so I shuddered last week at the fairly inconclusive study linking chocolate and depression. It said what, exactly?

Some experts claim it means people who eat a lot of chocolate are more likely to develop depression; others that a lot of depressed folks have a taste for chocolate.

It left us with more questions than answers, more jokes than anything.

Maybe I'm just being oversensitive -- I'm a depressive, after all, and on a diet to boot, which means I've been avoiding chocolate like the plague. But I feel a Susan Powter moment coming on: Please folks, let's stop the jokes!

Do the depression jokes make you cringe?

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