Personal Training Session -- Let Our Trainer Rate Your Fitness Level

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Taylor Ryan, head trainer for The Art of Weight Lifting and the Charleston, South Carolina-based Fat-Blasting Boot Camps for Moms is The Stir's personal trainer, here each week to help us get in shape.

Taylor is still nursing a bad back, so this week she's giving you a test to see if you're as fit as you think you are.


Perform each of the following exercises, doing as many reps as you can, until you can't get one more rep out. Really push yourself for this.

Then post your results here as a comment and Taylor will tell you your personal "fit level." You might just surprise yourself with your own strength and athleticism.

Here's your fitness challenge:

1. Push-ups

2. Wall squat. Squat on a wall making sure your thighs are parallel. Record how long you're able to hold your squat.

3.  Traditional sit-ups

4. Squat jumps. Squat back in a standard position (weight on heels, thighs parallel to ground or lower) and explode up to jump as high as possible; land back in squat and repeat. I like to squat down to touch the ground and then explode up, making my arms reach up to the sky.

5. Mile run. This is optional, if you're able to know how far a mile is from your home. Time yourself walking or running. Take your time as this is just a challenge against yourself.

Can't wait to hear about your results!

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