Breast Cancer Buckets at KFC Make Us See Pink

Photo from Susan G. Komen Foundation
Pink buckets are popping up at KFC -- ostensibly to fight breast cancer.

Talk about bad timing. Just last week, scientists told us that women who eat high-fat diets are putting their granddaughters at risk for breast cancer.

So that bucket of chicken today could equal a battle with the big C 60 years in the future.


For every pink bucket sold, KFC says they'll donate 50 cents to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, so this promotion does go a bit further than the ridiculous Facebook bra color "awareness" stunts that do nothing tangible for breast cancer treatment.

At least with more money in their coffers, they can ostensibly put more efforts into research.

But coming just weeks after the heart-attack-inducing introduction of the Double Down, activists are calling a campaign that could raise $8.5 million in donations as somewhat hypocritical.

KFC says this could represent the single largest donation ever made to the Komen Foundation. That could save lives.

If you're uncomfortable, you can donate directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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