Molly Ringwald on Getting Fit

Photo from Amazon
I adore Molly Ringwald, have adored her from the day I watched Sixteen Candles on my own lonely 16th birthday.

And when I read her new memoir this week, it was with a feverish desperation to find in the pages the Ringwald I so identified with when I was a lost teen girl -- trying to be me and fit in without losing either one.

When I got to the section titled "Unconventional Ways to Stay Fit," I knew she was my kind of girl ... or, rather, grown-up woman.


Among the gems hiding within:

1. Vigorous air guitar. She says it could work off as much as 132 calories an hour. So put on your favorite Bret Michaels' tune and bang that head.

2. Rearranging the furniture. Because sometimes you're just tired of nursing the baby while staring at the same tree day in and day out and day in and ... you get where we're going with this?

3. Family reunions. She gives you a calorie count per family squabble!

4. Dancing to a Broadway musical album. Bonus points if you can do it without the neighbors calling the cops.

For more, you'll have to pick up Getting the Pretty Back, in which the girl next door becomes the mom down the street, dishing on dreams, fashion, and as you can see, fitness.

Now the question is: Could she do all these in a Pretty in Pink blazer? Would doing it in Duckman shoes add to the calorie count?

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