Ugly People Should Use Condoms?

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In order to sell their wares, South American condom manufacturer Olla is getting ugly.

In their series of three ads, they feature couples that can only be described as homely if you're trying to be polite. If you're not, then ugly will suffice.

The copy reads simply: "Please use condom."


Talk about a picture speaking a thousand words. Obviously they're saying ugly people shouldn't procreate. Even if they're joking, they're still saying it.

I typically think outrageous advertising is pretty funny, admire the creativity, and feel that people who take offense need to lighten up a little. But this? This is just plain mean.

And meanness spreads. I can just hear a teenage boy who's seen this ad shouting at a couple he deems unattractive, "Please use a condom!" to get a laugh from his friends.  

Beyond the mean factor, I question the effectiveness of the ad. Aren't they completely insulting the very people they want to buy their products?

Big fail, I say.

What do you think -- offensive or funny?

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