5 Reasons to Walk at Lunch Day Every Day

Flickr photo by bettyx1138
Wonder why everyone brought their sneakers to the office? It's National Walk @ Lunch Day today!

Which means you can stand up to the boss when he wants you to work straight through lunch -- it's a national movement, man! Literally!



Coined by health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield, the program is meant to encourage us sedentary desk workers to get our blood pumping at lunchtime.

Frankly, we should be doing it every day -- because:

1. The ill effects of sitting at a desk all day have been compared by scientists to smoking. You kicked one set of butts, only to let yours grow?

2. Prolonged sitting equals low back pain and chronic back problems. Do you need to keep the chiropractor's kids in Stride Rite, or could you just get off your butt?

3. You're undoing all that you just did at the gym. Studies now show that it doesn't matter if you exercise your butt off -- prolonged sitting counteracts it all.

4. Working inside makes you depressed. Unless you're near a window, all that time away from the sun's rays means you're not getting the mood boost of vitamin D. Get outside before you bite someone's head off!

5. It makes you a better employee. A walk doesn't just boost your cardio health; it's good for your brain too. So that memo you were struggling to write will practically write itself (or at least be somewhat less mind-numbing) when you come back.

Do you walk at lunchtime?

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