Green Life Experiment Week 19 -- A Good Hair Day

Photo by science_spot

Tonya (science_spot on CafeMom) has decided to go green in her household and blog about her experiment along the way.

I have been suffering. Well, most of me is doing well, but my HAIR is suffering. Since switching to No Poo, and then to herbal shampoo, my curls have gone limp.When I wrote my hair blog two months ago, I thought that was finished worrying about my hair. Wrong! 

Since then, I haven't been able to perk those curls up or hold them together at all. I guess I should chalk this one up to another failed natural conversion.


This weekend, I finally caved in and did what my husband told me to do a year ago -- I straightened my hair with a hot iron. He loves it ... and so do I. I really hate it when he is right. 

Well, it's a step in the right direction, but it isn't perfect yet. My hair is still dry (yes I know a hot iron won't help that), but dry straight hair looks better than dry curly (afro) hair. I am looking for some better conditioner or some other remedy to correct this. I am still NOT willing to go back to the synthetic chemical-laden products I used for decades.

I've had really curly hair for a long time. I used to get a lot of compliments on it, but no one realizes how much work it is. I spent a lot of time managing the curls, putting products in them, getting my hair cut, staying out of the rain, etc. Now those days are over, and hopefully my hair will continue to improve over the summer!


Have you considered a chemical free shampoo for your hair, or is that one of the few things you refuse to give up?

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