Weight-Loss Calendar Week 7: Fighting the Mid-Point Slump

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
This is week seven of my weight-loss calendar with CafeMom, and I'm back at 156 (I never pay attention to the ounces, so pay no mind to that number!), for a total of four pounds lost in the seven weeks I've been writing here (and 22 total pounds lost). Although that's much, much better than an overall gain, don't get me wrong, I fear I've hit that midway-to-my-goal slump I feared I'd hit.

I've been eating pretty good (with a few tax-induced falls off the wagon), but I've been really slacking in the working-out department. I squeeze workouts into my busy days, sure, but I don't push myself very hard, and I don't make them a real priority.


March was a big month for me in terms of giving up meat and alcohol and running my first 5K. Since then, I've sort of let April get away from me without much to show for it.

First, let me say this: A slump with any weight-loss goal (hell, any life goal) is normal. I'm not belittling the four pounds I've lost, and I'm not trying to avoid slumps altogether because I know they're par for the course. But it's time to push through this one and get to the other side of my weight loss.

I'm looking toward May as a fresh start and a chance to kick my workouts up a notch (or two or three) and to really challenge myself again. It feels good when you rise to meet challenges and prove to yourself you can do what you didn't think you once could.

It might be time to finally enroll in that boot camp class I've been thinking about or giving up all processed sugars. Maybe I'll finally tackle that 25 miles in one month goal I made in March and didn't finish. I'm excited to do something, and I'll share with you what it is when I decide.

But, tell me, how have you gotten out of a weight-loss slump?

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