Smoking Makes You Old Fast and More Cig News

cigarette smoke
Flickr photo by AMagill
This artistic shot of cigarette smoke is the only pretty thing about the habit ...

  • Do you smoke? Drink? Sit on the couch? Skip the fruit and veggies? Do all four? Then you're 12 years older than your biological age, according to new research. Our vices can age us, make us die younger than we would normally. And although this study was based solely on health, these bad habits surely age you in looks as well. -- Yahoo! Health
  • The Las Vegas woman who walked around with a billboard reading, "What happens in casinos stays in your lungs" died of stage-four lung cancer this week. Cheryl Rose, a casino worker for 22 years, had been actively campaigning for a smoking ban since being diagnosed two years ago. -- Las Vegas Sun
  • Let's put an end to this now. The US of A needs to huddle up and tackle the problem like a team, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A coordinated anti-smoking effort would reduce the number of tobacco-related deaths by 400,000. What's worked the best in states with a low rate of smoking, like California and New Jersey? Raising the prices on these products, reducing advertising messages, anti-smoking campaignsm, and offering help-to-quit programs. -- CNN
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