Biking My Way to Health: Can You Help?

Flickr photo by Sherlock77
I'm bike hunting, and I could use a little help. See, I'd love to add biking to my fitness routine because one of my long-term fitness goals is to finish a (sprint) triathlon. And, unlike buying running shoes or a swimsuit (necessary items for the other two legs of a triathlon), buying a bike is a big commitment and maybe an even bigger investment.


I also think biking is one of those great activities that promotes fitness while being a lot of fun. I hope I'd put the bike to good use in other areas of life: Riding it to the store and the post office and to local restaurants too.

In short, I know it's worth the initial cost, but I want to buy right, and I (sadly) don't know the first thing about bikes. (Although I do know how to ride one, thankfully!)

I do know I need a street bike (as opposed to a mountain bike), and ideally I'd find a great one that doesn't cost the equivalent of a mortgage payment.

Do you have a bike you love that you'd suggest?

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