Organic Tampons Worth the Extra Price?


organyc tampons
Organyc tampons; 16 for $6.99
The ingredients used to make my feminine hygiene products aren't something I think about all the time. Okay, so I think of them never. I have no idea what they're made of -- I guess because I assumed they were cotton or some type of natural material. And I'm a sensitive skin person. I break out in hives at the drop of a hat. This should be important to me.

Truth is, most pads are made of a combination of cotton and rayon, which I like having in my clothes but I'm not sure what that means for such an intimate spot. The outer covering of the absorbent part is often made of a man-made material, basically a form of plastic.

Out on the street the other day, marketers were passing out samples of a new 100% cotton organic pad, tampon, and panty liner called Organyc. It's sold at CVS, Target, Meijer, and a lot of the other big stores, though I never noticed it.

As usual, it comes down to price. These organic products are more expensive, but just slightly. I popped down to the drugstore just now to comparison shop: A 16-pack of Organyc tampons sell for $6.99, while my regular brand gives me 20 for $5.99. Plus, I like my usual brand and know they work. And I've never had a reaction from them before, so that tells me something too.

The selling point for me is that they're biodegradable. Over the course of a lifetime, women use almost 6,000 tampons, enough waste to fill a bathtub with material that won't completely return to the earth. All those women, and all those bathtubs. Food for thought.

Would you pay more for an organic feminine product?

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tazdvl tazdvl

My flow was always to heavy to spend that much on that few of them.

asil asil

maybe... right now i've only had 10 periods in well... 4.5 years due to pregnancy and nursing! (can't beat that right?!?) so... it is something that i should think about...

but that bathtub scenario you gave... stomach turning... mabye just because i'm preggers, but YUCK!

sodapple sodapple

if they were sold in bulk, i would give them a try!

clean... cleanaturalady

I  know a lot of ladies who have gone to the Diva Cup and are doing without pads and tampons.  I haven't taken the plunge yet.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I like the idea, but hate the price. Why can't ALL companies embrace it fi it works? Then we wouldn't have to choose..

Pnukey Pnukey

I might try an organic product, but I strictly use pads, no tampons. Are there organic pads somewhere? I'm not talking about wash and reuse. I cannot go there.

dixie... dixiegurl223626

They are alittle on the expensive side. I know several people who use a Diva cup or Moon Cup to cut back on waste. I think its a great idea, but I dont think I could do it.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I have yet to see these hit regular stores. Perhaps if they make it to big chains, they'll drop in price.

Danielle Voiculescu

Just use a menstrual cup. That's lots cheaper and far more comfortable and more convenient in my experience.

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