Organic Tampons Worth the Extra Price?

organyc tampons
Organyc tampons; 16 for $6.99
The ingredients used to make my feminine hygiene products aren't something I think about all the time. Okay, so I think of them never. I have no idea what they're made of -- I guess because I assumed they were cotton or some type of natural material. And I'm a sensitive skin person. I break out in hives at the drop of a hat. This should be important to me.

Truth is, most pads are made of a combination of cotton and rayon, which I like having in my clothes but I'm not sure what that means for such an intimate spot. The outer covering of the absorbent part is often made of a man-made material, basically a form of plastic.


Out on the street the other day, marketers were passing out samples of a new 100% cotton organic pad, tampon, and panty liner called Organyc. It's sold at CVS, Target, Meijer, and a lot of the other big stores, though I never noticed it.

As usual, it comes down to price. These organic products are more expensive, but just slightly. I popped down to the drugstore just now to comparison shop: A 16-pack of Organyc tampons sell for $6.99, while my regular brand gives me 20 for $5.99. Plus, I like my usual brand and know they work. And I've never had a reaction from them before, so that tells me something too.

The selling point for me is that they're biodegradable. Over the course of a lifetime, women use almost 6,000 tampons, enough waste to fill a bathtub with material that won't completely return to the earth. All those women, and all those bathtubs. Food for thought.

Would you pay more for an organic feminine product?

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