For Jillian Michaels, It's Body Over Babies

Jillian Michaels
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty
Kick-ass super trainer Jillian Michaels is irking people. She said she won't give birth for fear of ruining her perfect body, she told a reporter for Women's Health, reports Fox News.

Not that she doesn't want to become a mother -- she'd like to adopt, both to save her sexy stomach and because when you "rescue" someone, you "rescue part of yourself."

Michaels is a formerly overweight child who fought hard to get the body she has, which has clearly become part of not only her identity but her ability to motivate and inspire others toward healthier lifestyle goals.

She doesn't want to go backward and lose all that she fought for, and I don't blame her for that.


There are definitely some body image issues here. What I don't understand is how someone who knows so much about fitness and body mechanics really thinks that pregnancy is the end-all of a gorgeous body? Just look at Gisele or Heidi Klum -- surely Michaels is in even better athletic form than they are.

Going into a pregnancy with a fit body raises the chances you'll come out of it in great shape too.

I think Michaels is missing a really good marketing opportunity here -- prenatal fitness videos. I had a real hard time finding good ones when I was pregnant, and I'd snap up one by her in a baby's heartbeat.

Would you like to see Jillian Michaels get pregnant and create a line of prenatal workout videos? Would you buy one?

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