Side Effects of Depression Drugs Not Reported

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The side effects of depression drugs may be some of the most underreported in the industry, according to a new study.

Great. Something else to be depressed about.


Published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the study found patients' suffered about 20 times more side effects than were actually reflected in their medical charts.

Which begs the question -- are health care workers ignoring us when we cite our problems because, hey, she's depressed, she always complains? Or are we not talking about our problems?

The UPI reports many of these underreported side effects are sexual, and it comes down to the embarrassment factor.

Quick snapshot for anyone who's never been on depression meds: The chief problem is a va-jay-jay that's dry as a desert and a dick that looks like your kid's stuffed rabbit's floppy ears.

Makes you want to run out and get a bottle of pills, doesn't it?

And then people wonder why we just don't get off our mopey asses and get on some medicine to fix it all.

The pills have gotten better in the 10-plus years I've been on and off medication. After dealing with one that kept me up late at night (just what a depressive needs -- more time to think about her problems), one that made me pack on the pounds (another "great" side effect for a bulimic), and yet others that made my vagina put out a "closed ... forever" sign, I'm finally on a pill that not only makes life bearable, but is letting me have my body back.

I'm no doctor -- and no one's going to hire me to play one any time soon -- but I can tell you this: If your medicine isn't working for you, for goodness sake, there's no reason to keep on suffering.

You're having a hard enough time dealing with depression; why suffer the indignity of a woeful willy or a hammering headache?

Repeat after me, folks: talk ... to ... your ... doctor. Tell them this stuff isn't working for you, and you want to know if they can do something to help. They might say you need some more time on this medicine, they might change your meds completely -- but it's your life,  not theirs. 

Did your depression medicine make you sick?

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