Breast Cancer Insurance Outrage, Self Exams, and More News

breast cancer symbol in sky writing
Flickr photo by Erik Charlton
Have you felt yourself up yet this month? Breast cancer on my mind today ...

  • It's unlikely that most of us will remain the same body size we were in college, but if you need motivation to lose weight, listen up: Women who were at a normal weight or thin in their 20s who gained weight into their 30s and 40s double their risk of post menopausal breast cancer. That's because fat increases estrogen, which feeds the growth of cancerous tumors. -- US News & World Report
  • If you do get breast cancer, don't think your insurance company will necessarily be on your side. In fact, they might try to find some lame excuse to cancel your policy. This happened to several women recently diagnosed with breast cancer who were insured and up-to-date on their premiums with WellPoint, one of the largest insurers in the US. It's called rescission, and it's illegal, so be vigilant and know your rights. -- Yahoo! News
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