Green Life Experiment Week 18 -- Don't Forget Your Pets!

Photo by science_spot
Tonya (science_spot on CafeMom) has decided to go green in her household and blog about her experiment along the way.

Meet Tela, my first baby. She's a black Labrador/Doberman mix we adopted from the SPCA when she was a puppy. Now that she's nearing her 10th birthday, I worry she won't be around much longer, and I think about her a lot.

Thinking back, our natural transition actually started with Tela. Getting her to eat her canned food has always been a problem. Some evenings I had to sit on the floor and feed her with a fork to get her to eat (and stop losing weight).


A few years ago, dog food contaminated with melamine hit the news because pets were dying. I figured it was possible Tela was trying to tell me something all along, and I finally got the hint. Whether or not the problem was melamine, we needed to make a dog food change.

This is when I started making my own wet dog food. It's really easy and cheaper than canned food, especially since I was throwing it out when she refused to eat it! Now I make a batch of dog food for the week. If I can make extra, I freeze it for later. If I have suitable leftovers from our meals, I stir them in. Tela never rejects her meals now and seems really happy with the human-grade quality of her wet food. 

A more recent change I made for Tela is switching from synthetic detergent shampoo to All-Natural Dog-Poo I bought from Abe's Market. I love this soap!  It lathers well, rinses well (in warm water), smells good, and leaves the dog clean, without any harsh chemicals. The best part: It's cheaper and will last me longer than anything else I've tried. They actually have a lot of natural products for pets, including treats and toys.

Converting Tela to natural products was very easy since she doesn't need much, doesn't protest my changes, and spends most of her time outside lying in the sun. I wish all of our conversions were this easy!


Is it important that your pet eat and live as healthy, natural, and chemical-free as you do?

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