Birth Control Pill Turns 50 and More Health News

birth control pills
Flickr photo by Jenny Lee Silver
Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, but almost half of all pregnancies remained unplanned. One of every two American women of childbearing age has at least one uh-oh in her lifetime; unmarried women in their 20s have the highest rate. The reason is too complex to go into here. Read on for why more women don't use birth control. -- The Wall Street Journal

I'm glad I love going to the dentist and am not one of the 30% of people who are scared of having even the simplest thing done. Doctors have found that acupuncture helped to calm anxious dental patients in a very small study. I just can't figure out how they can be okay with needles in their head but not in their mouth. -- Los Angeles Times


Shocker of the day ... and duh! story of the day: Heidi Montag's recent plastic surgery fiesta may lead to major health problems later on. We've heard this before, but plastic surgeons who didn't re-sculpt Heidi go into more detail: They say she won't able to breastfeed and will get weird muscles in her neck and an abnormal-looking face. It's like a car wreck, this fascination with her, isn't it? -- New York Daily News

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