It's Weed Day!

marijuana joint
Flickr photo by Torben Bjorn Hansen

When I read an e-mail this morning from a friend telling me that today is Weed Day, I thought it was time to pull out my gardening tools.

How strange to have a whole day devoted to dandelions and onion grass, but they seem to have a day for everything else, like pickles and home organization, so why not?

And it makes perfect sense because of the forsythia. Where I live, the forsythia blooming means it's time to apply pre-emergent fertilizer to the lawn to stop the weeds from growing in summer.

It's WEED, stupid, not weeds. Marijuana. Today is 4/20 Weed Day. 420 is code for pot, another fact I'm learning for the first time. Joint. Grass. Hash. Cannibis. Doobie. Puff the Magic Dragon [wacking myself on the head several times, though it's never worked before].

Can you tell yet that I'm a pot virgin?


I've never tried it. People are amazed when I reveal that. I never hung with "that crowd" in school and lacked a desire to seek it out. Now that I'm older, I'm very curious about what it feels like. Everyone tells me they laugh at the stupidest things, and that sounds pretty good.

But the urge to try it is tempered by the fact that I've gone this long, how can I ruin an immaculate record? Plus, I don't like feeling like I need something to feel something. It's the reason I don't drink tea or coffee in the morning. Even the prospect of legal addiction scares me. And pot is still illegal.

Years from now, it may not be as big a deal as I'm making it. Lots of experts say it's only a matter of time before marijuana is legalized. While the drug is still illegal under federal law, more than a dozen states have decriminalized it for nonmedical uses, including California. That doesn't mean you still won't get in trouble if caught with it; it only means that law enforcement considers it a low priority on the offense scale, often leading to fines and programs rather than jail time and records.

I guess I'll have to wait until the judicial system decides and revisit my decision then. So sorry, Pot Smokers of the World, I won't be joining you at 4:20 p.m. today when everyone lights up to get happy. I'll be spending that hour with my tulips and daffodils because they make me happy too!

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