Boston Marathon 2010 Has a Mom on the Winner's Podium

Flickr photo by Stewart Dawson
The Boston Marathon 2010 women's race results are in, and there's a mom on the winner's podium!

If you've been tracking the Boston Marathon live coverage on WBZ-TV, you might have noticed Kenyan runner Salina Kosgei, who placed third in the women's race.

She was just behind first-place finisher Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia and the Russian Tatyana Pushkareva -- both ladies in their 20s while Kosgei is in her 30s -- and happens to have two kids running around at home to tire her out. Or is that helping her practice?


Kosgei won the Boston Marathon last year in the closest-ever finish in the women's race, and she has a daughter, Ruth, and son, Billy, at home where she works as a prison guard.

Even more remarkable, Kosgei didn't start running internationally until she was in her late 20s -- already putting her at a disadvantage against her younger competitors. But she returned to competition just one year after the birth of her youngest child and hasn't stopped since.

She's a mama who amazes us, and we're going to be watching her. Want more on the marathon? To keep up with the rest of the Boston Marathon live coverage, you can
watch WBZ-TV in the Boston area or visit the official website.

Have you ever run a marathon?

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