Dear God, Please Make Me Skinny

hands praying
Flickr photo by lisa_at_home2002
Here's a quiz -- guess how the following (real, yes, real) diet plans help you to lose weight:

The Light Weigh

The Hallelujah Diet


The Maker's Diet

Nope, not by all the calories burned by laughing at the clever names, but by religious faith. These are all the names of faith-based diet plans, a niche that's gaining popularity among the multimillion dollar weight-loss industry, according to Fox News.


Some people have lost major weight on these plans. If they were emotional eaters, finding faith helped them to heal wounds that previously led them to the fridge late at night. Others followed a plan based strictly on what people ate during Biblical times, namely raw fruits and vegetables. For other plans with a less tangible focus, it's strictly a marketing gimmick to get you to try it however it works for you.

Dieting is so personal that not every plan will work for everyone. You have to find the one that fits.

I'm a churchgoer and strong in faith. I like to think God is everywhere in my life ... but not here, in such a superficial capacity as losing weight, which for me is strictly related to aesthetics and not health. It just seems ... wrong. "Dear God, I pray for family's health and happiness, starving children around the world, and a size smaller jeans." Puzzling.

Would you try a faith-based diet? Is it wrong to evoke God and religion in weight loss?

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