Wii Fit Plus Bonus: Nymphomania?

Flickr photo by Keith Williamson
And here I thought the "plus" in Wii Fit Plus alluded to extra aerobic exercises. Turns out for one woman it was nymphomania.

According to the UK newspaper The Register, a fall off the balance board made Amanda Flowers hyper-sensitive to vibrations of any kind.

So while you're screaming 'Oh, where's my cell phone," she's just screaming "ooooooooh."



I admit it, my first thought was I'm going to get real clumsy while doing my Free Step tonight.

But when you put it in medical terms -- persistent sexual arousal syndrome due to a damaged nerve -- Flowers' condition goes from "oh yeah" to "oh no."

A damaged nerve? I remember what it felt like to have my daughter bounce around on my nerves while I was pregnant. I wouldn't go back there if you held a gun to my  head.

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome has only been recognized since 2001, and it was recently linked by scientists to a more commonplace condition -- restless leg syndrome. And in case you think it's all in Flowers' head, that linkage is what helped scientists determine once and for all that this is a real condition rather than something psychological.

Which pretty much guarantees I'm going to be stepping carefully tonight. And let's face it -- my husband is text-happy enough. We don't need to be giving him any ideas.

Does this sound like a dream condition?

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