Green Life Experiment Week 17 -- A Chemical Free Kiddie Party

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CafeMom user Tonya (science_spot on CafeMom) has decided to go green in her household and blog about her experiment along the way.

My daughter's 6th birthday is quickly approaching and I need to complete the plans. She is having a birthday party at a kids' gym with about 15 of her friends. I would like to keep it "all-natural" without everyone, especially the kids, realizing I have purposely left out the chemicals and preservatives.

Kiddie parties. All-natural. Not two phrases that usually go together. Do you think I can pull it off?


Since the kid-gym will take care of all the entertainment, and we only have 30 minutes in the party room, I chose a time that would not require I feed the kids a meal. We will have a snack with cake and time for my daughter to open her presents, and then we will be out-the-door. I would like to give a nice party favor to each of the kids, too.

For the snack, I will make a fruit bowl with finger-friendly favorites like grapes, various berries and orange wedges. I thought the cake would be more of a problem. I plan to make cupcakes -- both yellow and chocolate, from scratch. There won't be any preservatives or artificial colors in them! I figure if I buy decorated plates and napkins in whatever theme my daughter chooses, the kids won't miss the colors and decorations on the cupcakes. I will bring 100 percent juice and water for the thirsty kids.

The party favors are giving me trouble though. I am not as concerned with being "green" in this case, since the kids won't be eating the party favors. Maybe sidewalk chalk with some stickers or something? Anyone have any other ideas? Should I include a note for the moms, telling them their kids enjoyed a natural snack free of chemicals, colors and preservatives, or would that be weird?


Tell Tonya what you think of her ideas -- and add any others you might have!


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