Diet-Friendly Dips -- Snack Makeover

Flickr Photo by jasonlam
Dips are divine -- they make chips even more irresistible and vegetables more interesting. But they're also often laden with fat and calories that can be a disaster for your healthy diet.

Don't despair, though, with a few tweaks to traditional recipes, you can still get your dip on ... and your dress too.


Hands down, the all-time world's greatest dip has to be artichoke dip. It's amazing, but usually a mess of mayo and cheese and other gooey goodness. Here's a recipe for a healthier artichoke dip recipe that you'll swear is as good as the original.

A close runner up in my list of most delicious dips is onion dip. Here's a great recipe for caramelized onion dip that incorporates the goodness of Greek yogurt.

Finally among my favorites is the seven-layer dip. This Party Bean Dip is a really good substitute for the real deal.

Happy dipping!

What are your favorite dips?

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