Do You Need to Buy Period Panties?

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So, most of us girls have period undies -- the ones we wear at "that time of the month" -- right?   

But do we really need them with a capital P and a capital U, as in Period Undies being sold by Simple Necessit-Ease? They are touted as "groundbreaking intimate apparel to provide additional protection for women during the height of their menstrual cycle."

The come in an array of colors (including white, which I find funny) and feature "an ultra slim, waterproof, breathable, poly coated fabric liner that is soft and comfortable against the skin."

At first, I thought they were a joke, especially because the PR firm promoting them is called Mannfolk Public Relations. Or at least I figured they were the idea of a man who discovered his girlfriend's period undies (with lower case letters) and was appalled.


But no, they're legit; and the founder is actually a woman.

So what to think ... I personally can't imagine shelling out $14 for these when I can get a pair of new Hanky Panky for close to the same cost. And something about a "poly-coated" liner by my private parts just doesn't sound appealing or particularly healthy.

Also, tampons and pads are pretty effective. I think most accidents happen when periods hit at unexpected times, and then you wouldn't be wearing the special underwear anyway.

Maybe women with embarrassing horror stories are lining up to buy these, but for me, some old, comfy ones pulled from the back of my drawer and abstaining from white pants for a few days works just fine, thanks.

Would you buy Period Undies?

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