7 Hot New Workout Trends

kettlebells master class
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Hey, treadmill. I think you and I need to take a little "break." It's not you, it's me. Thanks for being so good to me over the winter, but with the weather getting nice, I really need to be outside.

Shhh, don't tell, but it's more that I'm dying to try some of the fun new workout programs out there. My legs are bored. I need some new challenges, interesting moves to really make me sweat and burn. Kettlebells (at left) are definitely on my list, since my gym just started offering classes.

Here's the 411 on this and other big workout trends coming soon to a gym and health club near you:



You feel like you're dancing to Latin music for an hour, but you're really doing resistance training intervals to help scupt, tone and blast calories.

Boot Camps

An hour-long interval, cardio, weight and endurance combo class that varies with the instructor. It can include cardio, floor exercises, weights, endurance trials, balancing on Bosu balls -- anything and everything. The last one I took involved doing sumo squats, walking lunges, bicep curls on a Bosu ball, relay races with a medicine ball, mountain climbers, push-ups, all broken up with a series of sprints with minimal recovery time.

Body Pump (or body flow or body sculpt)

A 60-minute barbell class based in the traditional weight lifting moves including squats, presses, lifts and curls, done to music and led by an instructor.

Stripper Workouts (pole and dance combos)

Growing in popularity once again, these classes incorporate the basic moves of strip tease and combine them with aerobic and conditioning elements to create a fun and sexy workout.

Russian Kettlebells

A medieval style strength and conditioning workout using a weighted "cannonball" that's gripped by a handle. People leaving the classes at my gym look like they can barely walk afterward, it's so good.


It's the next generation of Spin class, only using rowing machines, developed by world rowing champion Josh Crosby. This class is 45 minutes of nonstop rowing on a stationary machine that simulates a boat. Awesome ab and arm workout.

Physique 57

With classes only in New York City right now, this cardiovascular program using isometric exercises, orthopedic stretches, weights, and the ballet barre to tone your entire body is sure to catch on elsewhere. Program developers call it Interval Overload – overloading the muscle to create long, lean sexy muscles.

What new workouts or classes have you tried lately?

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