5 Reasons I Miss the Birth Control Pill

Flickr photo by nateOne
I miss being on the pill. Yes, I said miss it.

While my lady friends are all trying to figure out how to avoid taking their birth control every day, I'm looking back to the good old days.


We'll call them them the days PV -- pre-vasectomy. It was a time when. . .

  1. My face was as smooth as a baby's bottom -- sans diaper rash, natch. Hormones are raging across my face. I never encountered pizza face in high school, but karma and hormones have a lot in common.
  2. I had something to blame the weight gain on. Five extra pounds for going on the pill vs. 5 extra pounds for being lazy -- which sounds better to you?
  3. You would think that facing 30 with an almost-5-year-old would guarantee me a little bit of respect from my uterus. But she'll drop an egg when she darn well feels like it.
  4. Nothing shuts down sex when you're just NOT in the mood as fast as "I think I missed my pill on Monday." Back to "I have a headache." Yes, I'm a living cliche.
  5. One word -- Sybil. That is all.

Are you on the pill? Do you love it or hate it?

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