Hot, Naked Yoga, Anyone?

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I get the hot part, and I get the yoga part, but naked?

Hot, nude yoga is reportedly rising in popularity with classes being held in cities across the country from Boston to Salt Lake City, Utah. While they are usually single-sex only and are most popular with gay men, there are also co-ed classes to be found ... if that's your thing.


Fans say it's a way to strengthen one's yoga practice and develop a sense of community.

Aaron Star, founder of naked yoga, told MSNBC: "A lot of people, especially living in New York, don't get the opportunity to connect with people in an intimate way."

OK, but there's got to be a better way ...

Call me a prude, but I just shudder at the mental images of seeing most anyone doing, yoga poses naked. Maybe if they're really beautiful ... but if you've been in a gym locker, you know that it's not the super fit chicks that strut around naked, it's the older, larger, please-please-just-use-a-towel set that seems to embrace exhibitionism.

And no matter the attractive factor, how can anyone concentrate on downward dog when there are naked people all around? And your own naked body is there, trying to do a downward dog ... in a room full of people? (I may have nightmares after just writing this.)

I just don't see how a little spandex prevent someone from a better workout. 

And on a more practical note, can you imagine the shaving/waxing/tweezing/ that would need to be done in preparation for such a feat? Getting ready to bear a bikini is hard enough, and I'm also not standing on my head in it ... usually.

Would you do a naked yoga class?

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