Cooking Light: Delicious Recipes for the Health Conscious

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Cooking Light
-- the magazine, the cookbook AND the website -- have been such a key part to my weight-loss this year. I was sort of adamant that while I wanted to be healthier and fitter, I didn't want to sacrifice the things I truly enjoy. Those things include: cheese, carbs and desserts.


Going on a diet that restricts everything you love for a short time is one thing. But maintaining that diet forever is quite another. I knew I could cut back in my weight-loss attempts but I also knew that the only way to sustain that weight loss would be to find delicious and healthy food.

Cooking Light is the answer to that wish, hands down.

I love the magazine and would recommend it to anyone, but I definitely understand that extra expenses are hard to swing for some of us these days. So, if you can't pay for the subscription, check out All the magazine recipes are eventually posted online, so you won't miss out on anything if you consistently check out the website.

Or, if you have some money to spend, check out the Cooking Light cookbooks that hold an entire year's worth of magazine recipes in one easy go-to book.

Pick and choose what works for you but I promise incorporating these recipes into your life somehow will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Do you have a cook book or cooking website that's helped you lose weight?

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