We're All Anorexic at Heart and More Health News

fat women walking
Flickr photo by procsilas

Isn't it funny how some things can be both good and bad for us at the same time?

When women with eating disorders see an obese women, they think they must look like them and start hating themselves -- even if they are in fact thin. Turns out those of us without eating disorders react this way to some degree to the sight of a fat woman too. We just have to be careful not to let this get out of control. Read more about our subconscious fear of getting fat. -- Mail Online

Alcohol is good for you. Alcohol is bad for you. Alcohol makes you friendlier. Alcohol gets you in trouble. Too much to wrap your head around? Then grab a glass of wine and laugh over these Top 15 Positive and Negative Effects of Booze that's been tickling funny bones around the web. -- Manolith


Here's some irony for you. We crave sleep and feel crappy when we don't get it, but a lack of it is really good for us. Research shows that sleep deprivation relieves postpartum depression, but only temporarily. Moms who were depressed and didn't sleep well or long enough woke up feeling better, but this effect faded when they finally did sleep. Yeah, it's pretty complicated, but researchers think they're on to something in terms of a fast and effective treatment for postpartum depression. -- The New York Times

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