Bethenny Frankel Workout DVD and More Health News

body by bethenny dvd cover
$12.49; amazon
Exercises you need, those you don't, and the one less excuse for choosing to be fat ...

Bethenny Frankel has a new workout DVD out May 4 called Body by Bethenny, which will come in handy for the Skinny Girl herself after she has the baby.You can pre-order yours at amazon for $12.49. I'm still partial to The Stir's personal trainer, Taylor Ryan, though. And her workouts are free!

Deep knee bends. Traditional sit-ups. Remember those? Good. Don't do them. They're useless and they can hurt you. As well as eight more exercises you don't need to do anymore, including fingertip presses. You read me right. -- Ranker

All this because we're sick of all the couch potatoes using their obesity as an excuse for keeping them safe in the car. It's been tested, and despite all that extra padding, bones still break. Researchers used actual cadavers because fat crash test dummies don't exist. You learn something new every day. -- Los Angeles Times

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