I Steal My Kid's Wii Games to Work Out

Flickr photo by MNgilen
The Wii was supposed to be for our daughter.

So why do I spend my evenings with two feet planted on the balance board, trying to strengthen my core and work my flabby arms?

Two words: her games.


Because as I've already admitted, I suck at the Wii. So I might as well go for the easy stuff, right?

Except I'm discovering I'm so uncoordinated the "easy stuff" is really more than this mom body can handle.

I spent Wednesday night this week cursing at Sega's Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll. Honestly, the game was sent to The Stir to see what we think of it for kids.

I put my almost-5-year-old on the balance board and realized pretty quickly this E for Everyone game was NOT kid friendly. Common Sense Media rated it great for kids 7 and up, but reviews on Amazon say users' experiences were more akin to mine -- their kids had trouble and it was a real challenge for the adults.

Which actually made it good for me to fight with -- because it's all about balance and trying to strengthen your core.

But if this was the only game I'd stolen -- one that didn't work for her -- I'd feel less guilty. But something tells me The Daring Game for Girls wasn't meant for a woman with an almost-5-year-old. Or the cartoony Academy of Champions Soccer game for that matter.

Do you steal your kids' Wii games or do you have your own?

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