Swine Flu Mini-Outbreak (Again) -- Health Links I Love

pig with swine flu
Flickr photo by Ollie Crafoord

Don't think because the weather is nice that the threat of swine flu is over. Georgia is experiencing a late-season outbreak of H1N1. Health officials say the "worrisome trend" might be the start of more sick people in other states as well.

You shouldn't obsess over gaining too much weight during pregnancy, but you don't want to just let yourself go crazy on the chocolate doughnuts, either. A new study shows that women who gain too much weight during pregnancy are more likely to be obese and have health consequences later in life.


So I was going on about how good it felt actually be running on the track instead of the treadmill the other first nice day we've had in a while, when I notice this little twinge at the back of my knee. Annoying. Good thing I had just read this post on how to treat sports injuries by FitSugar. Great advice from a doc who's also a marathoner.

And finally, the funniest post you will ever read about hemorrhoids. Thanks, people at jezebel.com, I needed that.

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