New Male Birth Control Option

drawing of man with vasectomy
Flickr photo by steve heath
Despite the numerous birth control pills, procedures and devices available to women, there are only three birth control options for men, which is so utterly unfair because as always, we have to do everything.

The options in the order of what most guys are most likely to agree to:

1. Condom

2. Vasectomy

3. Not Have Sex

I debated whether to put that last one on the list at all, because, honestly, the only time a man will not have sex is when he's in too much pain after his vasectomy (which he agreed to because he was promised he'd get to have even more sex).

There's a new procedure to add to this list that would probably go somewhere between the Vasectomy and the imaginary Not Have Sex ...


It's called Pro-Vas, a simple procedure, performed in a doctor's office. It works on the vas deferens, or in medical terms, the sperm chute.

It's sort of along the lines of the VasClip, a vasectomy like procedure where the doctor staples instead of snips and cauterizes the vas deferens.

In the Pro-Vas, the doctor implants a small titanium spring clip to stop the flow of sperm. They say it's a lot less painful than a vasectomy because there are no cuts, sutures or cautrerizing involved, and little to no recovery time.

This is a great benefit for the guy, of course, but also for his wife, because, Sweetie, there will be no lying on the coach for five days straight watching basketball. Go chop some wood.

It's also reversible, which could come in handy if you're a person who has a hard time making up her mind. As with a vasectomy, there's no general anesthesia required, though the doctor will probably numb the area with a local before he gets to work.

Some women don't have confidence in a procedure that doesn't involve permanent snipping or burning to make really, really sure. Would you ask your hubby or SO to consider this procedure?

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