Do Celebrities Losing Weight Inspire You?

two girls exercising on beach
Flickr photo by mikebaird

On the walk to the train the other night, I trailed the whole time behind this young woman with amazingly long, toned legs in a miniskirt, boots, tights, and baggy grey sweatshirt. I loved her look, the whole thing. She was pretty, but not a movie star or model or anything. Not that I was staring. Okay maybe a little.

It was only because I was like, she's a real person. And she looks great. So, that means it's entirely possible I can look like that too!


My point is that seeing a real person who's fit and buff in person, right there in front of you, is a lot more inspiring to me than looking at pictures of them in magazines or on reality shows. I think Kirstie Alley is great. Hell, I think she's beautiful and would give anything to look like her -- weight and all -- at close to 60 years old!

But watching her reality show The Big Life, even if she does succeed in dropping more than the 20 pounds she's lost already, would not motivate me to lose weight. Nor would the new Weight Watchers spokesman Jennifer Hudson, much as I like her, too.

Maybe it's because I'm accustomed to thinking anything I see on the screen is fake or doctored. Whatever the case, seeing that woman made me eat broiled fish and steamed vegetables for dinner and go to the gym that night. I'm not sure watching a newly slimmed down Jessica Simpson performing in tight jeans would have had the same effect.

Have you ever been inspired by -- or tried to lose weight along with -- a celebrity on a diet?

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