Why You Should Eat a High Fat Breakfast -- Links I Love

bacon and eggs
Flickr photo by josh.liba

Fatty foods are okay (at breakfast), Kevin Federline drinks way too much soda, and other news that perked my antenna this week ...

  • I now have permission to eat fatty foods, as long as it's early in the day. No, that's not the little devil on my shoulder talking, it's researchers at the University of Alabama who recently found that the timing of when mice ate certain foods programmed their metabolism for the day and effected how much weight they gained in the long run. The bottom line: Critters that ate high fat for breakfast (bacon and eggs) gained a lot less than those eating carbs (bagel).
  • Finally revealed, the reason that Kevin Federline's former self is barely recognizable because it's hidden in SO MUCH FAT: 24 sodas a day. A DAY! Gross, just gross.
  • If your husband works more than 50 hours a week it could be bad for your career. That's because despite your office job you are likely still expected to do most of the housework, playdates and baby butt wiping. So, you're more likely to quit, according to recent research. Who can blame you!
  • They make a pill for everything, except losing weight. Okay, slight exaggeration. There are drugs on the market. But this is one area of the pharmaceutical industry that has proven extremely difficult, since many of the effective medications also have horrible side effects. But the good news? Two companies have filed for approval for their weight loss medications, and another is expected to file this year. Bad news? No magic bullets here. You'll still have to watch what you eat and, dare I say it, exercise.
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