Lighter Deviled Eggs -- Snack Makeover

Flickr Photo by gwrrty
So, you've boiled them and dyed them by the dozen, now what to do with all those gorgeous Easter eggs?

Personally, I can only eat so many plain, hard-boiled eggs, but when they're transformed into deviled eggs, I could eat them endlessly.

Unfortunately, they can be a little evil in terms of nutrition. The egg itself is a nutritional powerhouse with just about 70 calories and 6 grams of protein, but the deviling process often packs on a lot of egg-stra (sorry) fat and calories.

Here are a couple recipes that lighten up them up:


If you like to keep things simple, this is a good basic, low-fat deviled egg recipe from SparkRecipes.

Personally, I like ones that have a bit more added to them (curry, mmm), like this recipe from for Not-So-Devilish Deviled Eggs.

And if you want to spice them up a little more, try this recipe for Shrimp and Bacon Deviled Eggs from Cooking Light.

Do you like deviled eggs?

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