Wear a Healthy Bracelet

Count Me Health Mommy & Me braceletI'm pretty good at remembering to  drink enough water during the work week because I always have a mug or cup at the ready, right next to my mouse, to remind me.

It's the insane sports practice and errand filled weekends after which I finally crawl under the covers and realize I am parched -- the signal that I was too busy running around to remember to drink.

A company called Count Me Healthy sent me this pretty little bracelet (pictured at right) designed for busy moms to remember to do all the things we need to take care of ourselves.


That includes not only staying hydrated but eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, taking vitamins, limiting sugary drinks and snacks. Those 12 little silver beads you see are movable -- you push them to one side or the other as a way to count and keep track of your goals.

I was skeptical that this would work for me, so yesterday I tried it with the water. Surprisingly, I remembered to move a sterling silver ball each time I finished a cup and went for a refill. Turns out, yesterday I drank much less than I thought I usually do -- only four balls were moved to the side by the end of the workday. Now I know to refill a little more often.

This could help expectant and new moms, too, helping them to keep track of prenatal vitamins, feedings, baby's daily pee-pees and bowel movements, and visits to the potty for toilet training toddlers.

I may even try it this weekend to keep track of laps around the track. It's lightweight so I often forget it's there. On the other hand, the bracelet is so simple and pretty that I can't help but look at it throughout the day, too -- and that helps me to remember the larger purpose behind it.

It sells for $88, available at spas and boutiques, but you can also order it directly at Count Me Healthy Jewelry.

Would you wear a health bracelet to track your wellness goals?

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