Seaweed for Weight Loss?

Flickr Photo by crabchick
Sporting a coverup at the beach because you still haven't shed the pounds? The secret to your bikini-ready body may be closer than you think ... right there, under the waves.

Researchers in the U.K. have found that seaweed may be a key ingredient in the fight against obesity and prevent the body's absorption of fat.

Currently they're testing products in which the fiber from sea kelp has been added to foods like bread or yogurt. Results have shown that when eaten, 75 percent of the fat consumed with the fiber-enhanced products isn't absorbed by your body (pass the butter!).


The tests to date have been done only on an artificial stomach, and the next step is to test it on real people. But it looks promising.

So while the scientists finalize the findings, it certainly can't hurt to incorporate more seaweed into our diets as it has many nutritious properties as well such as calcium and magnesium.

Personally, I've never tried seaweed (no, not even with Sushi), but if there is a promise of pounds to be shed, then I'm game.  Here's a recipe for a seaweed salad that I think I'm going to give a try.

Do you eat seaweed? How do you feel about its potential for fighting fat?

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