Comfortable Workout Clothes: Not an Oxymoron!; $17.99-24.99
When I'm working out, I like to wear comfortable clothes. That probably seems like the most obvious sentence floating around the Internet right now, but you probably know that it's not as easy to find comfortable clothes as it is to want to find comfortable clothes.


My favorite workout clothes: stay put (adjusting mid-workout is irritating), are lightweight (feeling like you're wearing a lot of clothes while exercising doesn't make the workout any easier, you know?), and aren't too itty-bitty (I like some coverage when I'm jumping all over the place). 

Then, I found these active half-pants from GAP. And they are perfect.; $17.99-24.99
They are form-fitting enough to not need adjusting but cover enough areas to not make me self-conscious and, hey, they're on sale!

I could work out in these every day and with three color choices, I have at least half the week covered. The entire week if I do the laundry regularly.

What do you like working out in?


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