Confessions of a Secret Eater

ice cream
Flickr Photo by lilivanili
What do you eat when no one is looking?

If you're cringing in embarrassment,  you're not alone. In a recent Health survey, 86 percent of respondents said they wait until they're alone to indulge in their favorite forbidden foods.

They reported munching on everything from fried bologna to microwaved peanut butter when out of the gaze of judging eyes. When asked what the strangest thing they've eaten alone, the most common response was: Something they dug out of the trash. Ewww!


Most of the time, I actually prefer to have a partner in crime when I indulge - it makes me feel less guilty, which makes it more fun. But I have definitely done my share of late-night snacking when everyone else is in bed.

My secret indulgences: whipped cream straight from the can into my mouth or sprayed onto a big spoon so that I can sprinkle chocolate chips on it. I also love cold leftovers, especially meat (brisket, hamburgers, you name it) and Chinese food straight from the refrigerator (you can do your own ewww-ing here).

The stat that made me laugh in this survey is that 19 percent of respondents said they "have snuck something off a friend or spouse's plate when he or she went to the restroom". Though I can't say I'm not tempted at times -- really tempted -- it's something I would never do.

In fact, I once considered ending a friendship because I couldn't imagine having something in common with someone who stole my last (my last!) crab rangoon while I was in the bathroom.

There are some lines you just don't cross when it comes to food ... though my son's Easter basket when he's asleep -- totally fair game!

What about you, what secret eats do you indulge in when you're alone?

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