Snack Makeover: Healthier Cupcakes

Photo by roxysmommy
As if it wasn't hard enough to resist cupcakes at the occasional birthday party, somewhere over the past few years, these perfect packages of goodness had to go and show up in their own cute little shops on every corner in every city.

There is no escaping the temptation of these sweet little treats ... that unfortunately pack some pretty big, scary nutrition facts under their beautiful buttercream covers.

But rather than give in and give up my skinny jeans, I found an alternative.


I use an angel food cake mix to make the cupcakes (only about 50 calories each) then frost them with either a bit of low-fat whipped topping or light, store-bought frosting that I keep in my refrigerator (and try really hard not to eat straight from the container daily). I usually freeze most of the cupcakes and then just pull them out as my cravings dictate.

Or, if you have a bit more time, you could whip up these Red Velvet cupcakes from Cooking Light. They are seriously amazing!                      

Would these satisfy your cupcake cravings?


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