Fancy Pillows and Splitting the Covers: Sleep Secrets

Photo by Jeanne Sager
Sleep -- we all do it, but talk about something personal! From side sleepers to wrapped in the covers on their tummy sleepers, we all do it differently.

We're delving into dreamland with moms' sleep secrets here on the The Stir, and just to be fair, I'm revealing a little bit of my own bedroom behavior for round one.


What are your best getting to sleep tips: Take an Ambien. What, not what you were looking for? OK, then -- don't cheap out on your pillows. I upgraded recently, and the comfort level alone has made it easier to fall asleep. I also cut the caffeine out mid-day, which is healthier for me overall.

Who's sleeping with you? Usually just my husband. Our daughter has her own big kid bed, the dog takes up too much room, and the cats' purring keeps me awake.

What's the strangest thing your partner/spouse has reported you doing during sleep? I hate to wimp out here, but he sleeps much more soundly than I do, so he doesn't have much to report. Lucky for me, huh?

Who steals the covers? No one! We each have our own comforter so we don't fight about one being too hot or the other being too cold.

How do you wake up in the morning, and how long does it take you to get out of bed? What's the first thing you do? The alarm wakes me up, but I tend to hit the snooze for at least half an hour -- or just listen to NPR while I contemplate how long it will be before my daughter climbs on me. Then it's downstairs to hit the caffeine!

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