Breast Cancer Screenings Don't Work?

Flick photo by fauxto_digit
Ever feel like reading about breast cancer research is like watching Venus and Serena?

Screening is good. No it's not. Yes it is!

Get out your neck brace, because here we go again. Researchers in Norway and Denmark are now saying breast cancer screenings do nothing to reduce deaths.


The findings highlight the same old back and forth between experts -- too much screening could possibly beget invasive treatments for what turn out to be benign tumors. On the other hand, too little could miss the early (easier to treat) breast cancers.

Not to mention the radiation used in mammography could potentially be doing more harm than good, but oh, wait, a baseline mammogram done while you're young is an important diagnostic tool.

I confess I don't always feel confident when doing my home breast exam. And when my OB/GYN had me play with a little rubber breast and try to find the lumps, I failed spectacularly. I take a comfort in the idea that when I reach an age where my risk increases, a diagnosis tool will be available. 

Are you for screenings or not worried about it?

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