Weight-Loss Calendar: Week Two

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
I didn't lose any weight this week (still at 159), but I held steady and didn't gain any either. I've found -- in my extensive weight-loss experience of three months -- that some weeks the scale is just kinder than other weeks.

Even if nothing else fluctuates (the same number of calories taken in; the same number of calories burned), your weight-loss can sometimes yo-yo and it can also stay annoyingly the same.



The best thing I've learned through this whole process is to never let the daily frustrations derail the long-term goals. You're going to slip, you're going to go through weeks where the scale doesn't budge, you're going to skip the gym in favor of an episode of American Idol (just me?), and the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to get back on track the next day.

This week was pretty normal -- all things considered -- but I still didn't shed any weight. And that's okay. I know the scale rights itself eventually.

One of the hardest parts of weight-loss is the patience it requires. Especially if patience doesn't come easy. (Just me, again?)

But putting all that aside, I have a more specific question to bring to the masses today. This weekend (Sunday) I'm running my first 5K after completing the Couch to 5K program. I am pretty excited although this week that excitement has slowly morphed into what-was-I-thinking? anxiety. Will I make it? Will I have to walk? Will my lungs explode?

Anyway, I asked for some advice today on my personal blog, She Likes Purple, but let me pose the same question to you? Do any of you have running advice for a first-time 5K runner?

Is there anything you wish you had known going into your first 5K?

I can't wait to post next week on the other side of the race. See you then ...

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