Sleep Helps Your Social Life

Flickr: Photo by enlewof
Not getting enough sleep could destroy your social life according to researchers at UC Berkeley. 

They studied women ages 18 to 25 -- the type most likely to forgo sleep for a night on the social scene, and found that all that missed shut eye was hurting their abilities to recognize others' emotions via facial cues.


Published in the most recent issue of the journal SLEEP, the study reports "sleep loss impairs discrete affective neural systems, disrupting the identification of salient affective social cues."

In plain English, you're a bit of a buffoon when you're exhausted. So when you think your jokes are going over like a house on fire, your friends could be unfriending you on Facebook and canceling your vacation plans, and you won't even know it.

Considering most of us prefer to get out with friends particularly when our kids are running us ragged, and we've managed to finagle a cheap sitter, I've got to say it: this news sucks.

Remember the days when you were just getting ready to go out at 10 p.m., and nowadays that's when you want to go to bed? Turns out the latter option might be the better road.

Do you ever feel like you're too tired to socialize?

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