Parents Hide Their Eating Disorders

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Living with an eating disorder makes for a pretty secretive life. Throw in being a parent, and a new study shows we're people who live half our lives completely in shadow.


Let's face it, if you have an eating disorder, you know it's wrong. But as a recovering bulimic, I can also tell you there's knowing in your brain and trying to fight the brain chemicals that send you into the bathroom to purge an entire meal.

It's the "knowing in your brain" part that forces us to hide it from our kids, to try to make a better life for them.

But this study out of Norway shows a troubling trend -- we're not just hiding our actions from our kids. We're avoiding treatment in order to keep our troubles hidden.

The study from the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision reports "only 30 percent of anorectics and less than 6 percent of bulimics receive treatment for their condition."

Considering 10 million women in America are estimated to be battling an eating disorder, and it's a safe bet many of them are moms, when are we going to wake up and turn on the "knowing in your brain" part to get yourselves help?

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