Weight-Loss Tip: Keep a Food Journal

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When I began dieting and exercising the first of this year, it was a frustratingly slow process. I was pushing myself in the gym and I was eating a lot less -- I knew that much -- but at the end of the day I had no idea how many calories I was actually taking in. And that unknown factor was definitely affecting the scale. It's just so easy to lose track of things like that when you're a busy, working mom. Hell, it's easy to lose track regardless.


So, I decided to keep a food journal and took the guess work out of my food intake. My food journal of choice is this Moleskine one, but you can pick up any notebook you have on hand or the cheapest one you stumble upon in the drugstore. Just something you can keep nearby when you're snacking or eating. My food journal never leaves my purse.

Before keeping this journal, I'd eat a handful of chips without thinking -- how many calories could these really be? I'd think -- but now, it's just not worth eating things like that when I know I'll have to track them. It's just another great way to stay accountable, but it's also a truly valid reason to buy a pretty, new notebook.

Do you keep a food journal?

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